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Special offers for the foodie inside you and for your sweet tooth:

How Tempting Looks This Weekend For You?

As you already know, we do our best to bring in Bitelicious menu some meals that you’re thinking about and ...
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Let’s Go Back To Innocence And Feel Good!

Our children and their Innocence are one of the most beautiful things in this world. They give us love, power ...
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Let’s Vote and Enjoy Special Traditional Romanian Food!

Because you loved our menu from 3rd of May, we decided to repeat that menu and more. Furthermore, 26th of ...
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A Very Tempting Weekend at Bitelicious

This weekend we decided to spoil you with not one, not two, but three Traditional Romanian Meals. Meatballs soup (ciorba ...
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Everybody, let’s go party on 3rd of May!

Even though it is a communist holiday, these days are very popular in Romania. 1st of May, which is known ...
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We’d Like to Celebrate Easter Together!

You already know that we love you a lot and we'll be happy to celebrate Easter together. We are ready ...
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Panetone, Sweet Bread, Sponge Cake or Cozonac and Pasca

The Easter is almost here! We have a large range of Traditional Easter Sweets. These could be with: chocolate and ...
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Easter Holiday Specials! Don’t Miss Out!

Because the Easter Holiday is starting, we were thinking of some nice offers for the kids and also for the ...
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Chicken or Fish? We Choose the Chicken! The Chicken Is the Winner!

We wondered for a while what we should use for this main meal and finally we decided that the chicken ...
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“Shut Up And Eat!” – A Traditional Moldavian Delicious Meal

Did you hear about Shut Up and Eat or Bulz? Shut Up and Swallow is a Moldavian version of the ...
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