1st of March – A Day Full of Celebrations

The first day of spring brings with it the rebirth of life, but also a whole lot of holidays. On this day, we have 3 different things to celebrate here at Bitelicious!

First, it’s the Romanian Martisor, a tradition that involves the gifting of a small trinket, called “martisor”, to a friend or partner. The trinket is beautifully accompanied by a red and white string which is the symbol of Martisor.

In true Bitelicious fashion, we’ve decided to make an edible Martisor in the form of our delicious, homemade double chocolate and cream cake (which is £3.00 worth of heaven). And because we love this holiday, when you buy one, you get another one for free!

It’s also Daffodil Day, and if there’s anything to signify spring coming to Cardiff, it’s flowers.

And last but not least, it’s St. David’s Day! A beautiful Welsh holiday that celebrates Saint David, the patron saint of Wales.

Because there’s so many beautiful things to be thankful for and celebrate today, and because we are here in the capital of Wales, we have decided to sell delicious welsh cakes today, both with sugar and no sugar added, 2 for £1.00! And for every main meal you buy, you get a welsh cake for free!

We also have a special surprise for you when you come visit us, something that combines all of these wonderful celebrations into one. A small, bright token of our appreciation, if you will.

You can also check out our weekly menu to see what other delicacies we have prepared for you and our Calendar for March Events where you’ll find all the events and how many surprises we’ll prepare for you this March 🙂

Just step into our Bitelicious Universe and you’ll have a special 1st of March! 🙂

We are waiting for you in our cosy coffee shop to spend some special time together 🙂

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