27th February – Chilli & Strawberry Day








It’s another special Thursday here at Bitelicious! This week we celebrate 2 very different flavours, one spicy and savoury, the other sweet and decadent. It’s Chilli & Strawberry Day!

For this special day, we have prepared an array of special dishes to celebrate.

Besides, you’ll find all these dishes and the Bitelicious strawberry dessert in our daily menu from now on! 🙂

Chilli Dishes

Chilli Con Carne Tortilla Chips – £2.50

– crunchy tortilla chips topped with chilli con carne (mild) and jalapenos, and finished with a coat of melted cheese 

Jacket Potatoes – £3.50, with 0.75p for extra filling

– our oven-baked jacket potatoes filled with delicious chilli con carne

Pasta – £4.00

– think macaroni and cheese, but better. We use elbow macaroni pasta and pair it up with the chilli con carne and melted cheese for a wonderful combination of flavours

Strawberry Dishes

We have a wide array of strawberry dishes already on the menu, such as our strawberry yogurt cake (£3 per slice) or our nutella and strawberry pancakes (£4.50), but we’ve created a new dessert for this special day! 🙂

Chocolate-covered strawberries with ice cream and whipped cream – £2.00

– a decadent combination of flavors infused with love











We are waiting for you in our cosy coffee shop to spend some special time together 🙂

Just step into our Bitelicious Universe for a special Chilli & Strawberry Day! ♥️


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