28th of February – Chocolate Souffle Day

Following in the sweet footsteps of Strawberry Day, we bring to you Chocolate Souffle Day, and this is one dessert you’ll want to experience over and over again.

Bitelicious Lava Cake

Our lava cake not only looks beautiful, but it smells divine and it tastes even better. It’s topped with a coat of powdered sugar and paired with whipped cream and a scoop of ice cream, comes to you warm and nice, and once you cut into it, a pool of delicious, creamy chocolate spills out.

Bitelicious Lava Cake with ice cream and whipped cream – £3.50

This is a dessert you’ll have to try!

Just step into our Bitelicious Universe and you’ll have a special Chocolate Souffle Day! 🙂

We are waiting for you in our cosy coffee shop to spend some special time together 🙂

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