5th of March – The Pancake Day at Bitelicious


It is obviously that we’ll celebrate with you The Pancake Day at our coffee shop. This because we love pancakes, we love to do it and we love to create food for your pleasure.

We make any kind of pancakes, both sour and sweet. You can choose from a large range of fillings: cheese and onion, ham and cheese, soft cheese and mushrooms, Nutella and bananas or Nutella strawberries, honey and walnuts, jam and many other fillings. You only have to ask our staff what fillings are available or you can choose any fillings and make your own personalized pancakes 🙂

Also, as many of you know and already tasted it we have a Romanian specialty of pancakes, Brasovence. If you’ll taste these once, you’ll be back for sure 🙂

On 5th of March, we have a special offer:

For any portion of pancakes ordered you can have a hot drink on the house.

Take a look at our pancakes prices:

  • Nutella – £3.50
  • Nutella and banana – £4.50
  • Nutella and strawberry – £ 4.50
  • Banana and maple syrup £4.00
  • Lemon and sugar £3.50
  • Ham and cheese £4.50
  • Mushrooms  and onion £4.00
  • Brasovence £6.50

Don’t forget that we have a lot of other fillings and you can choose any fillings for your own personalized pancakes 🙂

We are waiting for you to come and taste our pancakes. These are a little bit different from others pancakes because we are working for you with a lot of pleasure and love. The taste is simply Bitelicious 🙂

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