9th of March – Romanian Mucenici Day

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A Once a Year Opportunity For These Desserts Is Coming Up! Let’s Enjoy It Together!

A Once a Year Opportunity Coming Up For These Desserts! Let’s Enjoy Them Together!

March is starting soon and we were thinking of bringing to you, on the special day of the 9th of March, the traditional Mucenici.

“Mucenici is a Christian celebration of the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste, a traditional holiday in Romania and Moldova. It coincides with the start of the agricultural year. Those who observe this holiday clean their households and light fire to garbage collected from their homes, to bring warmth outside. As a result, for the date of 9 March, every, year, there is a typical dessert with the same name, Mucenici.”(Wikipedia).

Moldavian Mucenici Version

In the region of Moldavia, in Romania, these traditional pastries are made from dough in the shape of the figure 8, then baked and covered with honey and crushed walnuts.

Muntenian Mucenici Version

In the region of Muntenia of Romania, the dough is boiled in water with sugar, cinnamon and crushed walnuts, symbolizing the lake where the Martyrs were cast. It is the same shape of the figure 8, but much smaller. For a more flavored taste, some lemon zest is added.

You Can Order

Starting with the 6th of March, for a few days, we’ll have these delicious desserts in our coffee shop. At the same time, you can either order in or you can order for take away.

  • £3.50 – 2 Moldavian Mucenici
  • £6.50 – 5 Moldavian Mucenici
  • £12.00 – 10 Moldavian Mucenici
  • £4.00 – portion of Muntenian Mucenici

We are already prepared with all the stuff we need and you can start ordering anytime from now on.

We are waiting for you in our Bitelicious coffee shop for your orders, you can write us on Facebook, or you can order by phone: 029 2023 6261; 07856 238 566.

We really hope that you’ll enjoy our idea and, of course, our Mucenici 🙂

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