A Romanian Main Meal with Turkish Origin

Because of the geographical position of Romania, the country got a lot of influences in several areas including the Romanian cuisine. Ciulama is a main meal in Romanian cuisine, but it has Turkish origin.

I don’t know to which region of Romania should I assign this kind of food, ciulama, but I think it could be Dobrogea because there is where the biggest Turkish community is located.

I’ll tell you in a few words about the most well-known ciulama in Romania, which is Ciulama with chicken and mushrooms. It is a mix of pieces of chicken meat and mushrooms, all covered by a white sauce. There are different styles to make the sauce, some with flour, some with sour cream and some with onion. We’ll keep the secret about how ours is made for the unique Bitelicious taste 🙂

It is served with mamaliguta, (polenta) and, if desired, with hot chili pepper.

We really hope that we will excite you and you’ll come and taste our Bitelicious Ciulama 🙂

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