About us

Welcome to the Bitelicious Universe
for a truely Bitelicious Experience!

This is our sugar-free and gluten-free Universe! We’re here to make your daily diet sweeter without adding any sugar, as well as to offer you the tastiest, appetizing gluten-free products. There’s no need to suffer from anything to be able to enjoy our products, all you need is a desire to eat healthier, very savoury food.

Our products are homemade with lots of love and passion and we use high quality ingredients, which we’ve carefully selected ourselves. These are our main ingredients and let us say, without a bit of modesty – the end result is the best. We love the smell of baking cookies, steaming pies and the rich taste of chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon cake… what an unforgettable taste. We’d like to lure you in with our cookies, cakes and pastry products – both those of you who are more on the classic and romantic side as well as those who are modern and unconventional – so that you’ll be able to enjoy special and unforgettable moments. We let a few drops of the aroma of love drip into every single bite, we combine it all with much enthusiasm and the final result is simply Bitelicious.

In short, we love products made with passion and the love for good taste. This idea came to us because our loved ones suffer from diabetes or celiac disease and cannot enjoy countless healthy goodies. This is why we developed a range of products specially catered to the needs of those who must cut sugar or gluten from their diet, as well as those who wish to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

We have a well prepared team of specialists, skilled in the finest tastes so they can offer you the Bitelicious experience.

Apart from our pastry and confectionery products, you can also enjoy other kinds of food, which are just as tasty. Our offer is very varied and complete and if you’d like something special, just let us know and we’ll try to include as many of the dishes you enjoy in our menu, so we can be better suited to your taste.

Dracula took a peek at our products so that apart from the specially designed sweets that bear his mark, you’ll also find products specifically from Transylvania, products that will surely excite you taste buds to the fullest.

We’d like the Bitelicious treats in your plate to be unforgettable and something you’ll wish for every day. We’d like to get you hooked on our healthy products, which offer an explosion of sublime taste and make you go mmm… Bitelicious!

Thank you for stepping into the Bitelicious Universe for Bitelicious Experience, an enchanting Universe, full of imagination, always careful with your health and your desires. We guarantee a Bitelicious explosion of satisfaction!

We take orders Monday – Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm.