Bitelicious Transylvanian soup with bacon

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You will find this Transylvanian soup both surprising and filling. Homemade, with chicken and bacon, it is absolutely Bitelicious and heartwarming – you don’t need to take our word for it; you absolutely need to come taste it and see for yourself! We promise you’ll love it so much that you’ll visit us as often as you can!

The veggies we use for this soup are traditionally brought together in a very harmonious fresh mix – they boil together with the chicken and bacon bits until all flavours are perfectly blended into something wonderful.

This soup can be a quick pick-me-up for dieters and can keep one full for a while, as it is packed with chicken and pork protein, and it can be a wonderful way to start a delicious lunch – you can take your time to enjoy every spoonful while we cook the main course for you!

We have a special offer for this weekend: a bowl of soup for £3.50 and, for £2.00, you can add any dessert, a slice of cake, of your choice, or a portion of Transylvanian papanasi.

We know you already keep an eye on the Bitedelicious site for other delicious dishes and for our special offers! 🙂

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