Cabbage à la Cluj, A Transylvanian Delighting Treat

cabbage a la Cluj
cabbage a la Cluj
cabbage a la Cluj

Yes, I know, for some of you it may sound a little bit strange, Cabbage à la Cluj 🙂 I say this because, in Romanian, it also sounds a little strange. Cluj is an amazing city in Transylvania, and “à la” is a French phrase, but for this meal is the only name I’ve ever heard 🙂 In Romanian it’s “Varza à la Cluj”.

However, let’s talk about Cabbage à la Cluj! It is a main meal, which is obviously made with cabbage and minced meat. These are the essential ingredients. Also, some rice, onion, tomato sauce, sweet paprika, black pepper and some aromatic herbs, usually dill and thyme are added.

Actually, it looks like a moussaka and you can say that it is something similar, but it is not a moussaka, it is Cabbage à la Cluj. There are successive layers of cabbage and minced meat, which were prepared in advance of the ingredients listed above. Then, the tray with all the ingredients is placed on the oven for about an hour. It’s served with sour cream on top and with bread or polenta.

It is a really amazing food, something which remind of the popular Romanian “sarmale”, but, at the same time, very different. You should try it because it is a very special gastronomic experience.

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