Chef’s Recommendation For This Weekend

As you already know, we are trying to bring you a taste of Romania during the weekends. Also, we try to reinvent or adapt our food, based on what items we find here and, most importantly, we try all the time to cook and obtain a result which will be to the liking of most of you.

For this weekend we’ll prepare Special Homemade Roasted Potatoes, which is a very popular meal all over Romania. These potatoes are so special because they are not just simple roasted potatoes. They have many other ingredients, such as bacon, red onion, sweet paprika and a sprinkle of aromatic herbs. The final taste is really amazing and it is a very satisfying side dish . In fact, this meal can be eaten either as a main course or as a side dish.

We’ll prepare for you 3 options: Romanian sausages, English sausages and, as a lighter option, we can offer you grilled chicken breast. One of these, accompanied by the star of this weekend, the Special Roasted Potatoes, will offer you a complete and appetizing meal.

This will be our Bitelicios experience for this weekend. We are waiting for you with many other offers and surprises and we hope that our choice will meet the most demanding gastronomy tastes 🙂

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