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Do you have a special day, an anniversary, a celebration or a party? Do you want to stay away from fatigue, food smell, stress and all the inconveniences that you can have with the preparation of a festive meal? We are here for you and we can do everything you wish for your successful special day!

Or maybe if you just want to eat in the comfort of your home, then you can order any kind of food, soup, main meal, dessert and enjoy them peacefully. Just ask us, and you’ll have any kind of food you want!

We cook with lots of love and passion and we use high quality ingredients, which we’ve carefully selected ourselves. We’d like to lure you in with our homemade comfort foods, be them soups, main meals, cookies, cakes or pastry products – both those of you who are more on the classic and romantic side, as well as those who are modern and unconventional – so that you’ll be able to enjoy special and unforgettable moments. We allow for a few drops of love to flavor every single bite, we combine it all with much enthusiasm and the final result is simply Bitelicious and your special event will be the best ever! 🙂

We have a lot of options and you can choose any of them.

Also, we can offer you a variety of cakes platters.

Here are some of them:

Country Platter (Platou taranesc) – £22.00 for 4 persons

  • small minced meat balls (chiftelute)
  • pork fat (slaninuta)
  • smoked bacon (kaiser afumat)
  • Mashed beans or roe of beans (fasole batuta, fasole facaluita sau icre de fasole)
  • Romanian sausages
  • cheese (branza, cascaval)
  • red onion
  • cherry tomatoes


Noble Platter (Platou boieresc) – £25.00 for 4 persons

  • ham rolls stuffed with beef salad (rulouri de sunca umplute cu salata de boeuf)
  • pepper boats stuffed with cream cheese and dill (barcute din ardei umplute cu crema de branza cu marar)
  • skewers with cherry tomatoes and cheese (frigarui cu rosii chery si branza)
  • olives
  • aubergine salad (salata de vinete)
  • chicken breast strips (mini-snitele din piept de pui)

Royal Platter (Platou regesc) – £28.00 for 4 persson

  • small minced meat balls (chiftelute)
  • Romanian sausages
  • chicken breast strips (mini-snitele din piept de pui)
  • pepper boats stuffed with cream cheese and dill (barcute din ardei umplute cu crema de branza cu marar)
  • skewers with cherry tomatoes and cheese (frigarui cu rosii chery si branza)

Platters with various savoury pastry (Platou cu saratele) 

  • Savoury pastry with sesame seeds, cheese or poppy seeds – £8.00
  • Romanian sausages wrapped in pastry – £12.00 / approx 18 pieces
  • Mixed platter – £10.00


Platter with beef salad (platou cu salata de boeuf) – £18.00 for 1.5 kg

Sarmale Platter (cabbage leaves stuffed with minced pork meat):


  • £25.00 for 4 portions
  • £45.00 for 8 portions


Soup Pot – price to be confirmed based on quantity

  • Tripe Soup (Ciorba de burta)
  • Radauteana soup (ciorba radauteana)
  • Meatballs soup (ciorba de perisoare)
  • Traditional beef soup (ciorba taraneasca de vacuta)
  • Beans soup with smoked bacon (ciorba de fasole cu afumatura)

Traditional Food Pot – price to be confirmed based on quantity

  • Moldavian Tochitura (tochitura moldoveneasca)
  • Meatballs stew (chiftelute marinate cu sos de rosii)
  • Cabbage a la Cluj (varza a la Cluj)
  • Baked beans with smoked bacon and Romanian sausages

For more options, please check our special offers and our menu for more ideas 🙂 

Sweet Cakes Platter (Platou cu prajituri) – starting at £10.00 for 4 different cakes: amandina, savarina, poppy seeds and chocolate cake, vanilla cream and fruits tart (amandina, savarina, prajitura cu mac si ciocolata, tarta cu crema de vanilie si fructe)


Anniversary cakes – £25.00 / kg








These are just some examples, you can choose any of them, you can also have your personalised platter or you can order any kind of food and we’ll do it for you! 

You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram, where you can find more pictures and ideas 🙂

Please place your order at least 3 days in advance.

Don’t forget that we are here to make your life easier and Bitelicious! 🙂


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