Food Can Bring You Back To a Good Mood

Weekend by weekend we are trying to keep you in a good mood. We really hope that you like our choices for the weekend menu 🙂

This time, again something new and something on top of your preferences:

  • lettuce soup (ciorba de salata), with lots of vegetables and lettuce leaves, a little bit of smoked ham (afumatura) with a delicious taste – £6.00
  • sarmale (cabbage leaves filled with minced pork meat) – £7.50
  • Beans with smoked bacon and sausages (iahnie de fasole cu afumatura si carnati) – £6.50

Because it’s very popular, we started to do the Bitelicious lemonade:

  • lemonade with lemon, with or without mint – £1.50
  • lemonade with lemon and strawberry – £2.00

Over time, we’ll have more options, but for this summer we’ll start with these three options.

Also, you can find more about Romanian cuisine here 🙂 or you can look at the Bitelicious website, where you can find a lot of options for Romanian food, as well as our Menu.

In the meantime, don’t forget about the other Romanian specialties: Brasovence, fried chicken leg with polenta and homemade garlic sauce and our Bitelicious Papanasi. Also, we added in our menu, polenta with sour cream, cheese and fried egg and Romanian sausages with chips.

Please leave some room for the dessert! 🙂

Please don’t forget about our delicious amandine.

The new star is savarina!

We also have a large variety of cakes and the unbeatable banana bread. Also, you can choose from our large range of pancakes.

Just step in our Bitelicious Universe and we believe that you’ll have a special day 🙂

We are waiting for you in our cosy coffee shop to spend some special time together 🙂



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