Happy And Proud

Delicious Traditional Romanian healthy food in Cardiff

We are very proud of ours 5 stars rating! We worked a lot and we invested, not even money, we invested time, we put a lot of love and carefulness in our project. In the same time we’ve taken attention of everything to be right and in the right place, we thought of you to have benefit from quality service.

Today we are happy to share with you our achievements and to invite you once again in our cosy coffee shop, to see and benefit of our offers or just even to meet us. We’ll try everyday  to make you smile 🙂 Just step in our Bitelicious world and you’ll find here something on you’re taste! Could be an all day breakfast, a jacked potato, a sandwich, a Transylvanian soup and a lot of other delicious meals. Or you can have just a coffee and something sweet as is a slice of cake. Also, don’t forget about our delicious Dracula’s Bites or the Transylvanian Papanasi.

Don’t forget that you can find also some vegetarian and vegan options and keep in mind that we’re working to develop the variety for these.

Also you can find some gluten free products and some no sugar added desserts.

There are a lot of temptations and we improve every day our menu and try to have always something to incite you.

We are waiting for you in our Bitelicious universe!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our special offers to see what is new! 🙂

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