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Surely, you don’t want to miss this weekend at Bitelicious. We’ll prepare for you the meals which are in your top 10 favorites and also we’ll have some new stuff for your delight 🙂

Because you love it so much and we didn’t make it for a long time, we’ll start with a Bitelicious meatballs soup (ciorba de perisoare). For the main meal, we’ll prepare for you our savory chicken stew (ostropel de pui), cooked with aromatic herbs and garlic. A new star will show up on the main meals menu: minced-meat-stuffed-peppers, which come with a delicious sauce.

But the diva of this weekend will be the dessert, a Moldavian specialty called poale-n brau (no appropriate translation), prepared by our gifted chef. These are a kind of dough filled with sweet cheese and enriched with special and delicious aromas. You’ll regret if you’ll miss these! 🙂

The menu for this weekend:

Meatballs soup (ciorba de perisoare) – £6.50

Besides the fact that this soup is very delicious and rich in flavour, you will most definitely appreciate the special taste given by lovage (leustean). The soup will be served with sour cream and hot peppers.

Chicken stew (ostropel de pui) – £7.50

Made with chicken breast, chicken thighs and tomato sauce, with a great aroma of garlic and herbs, it is a delicious main meal, which is served with mash potato. Also, if you add some pickles, the taste will be Bitelicious 🙂

Minced-meat-stuffed-peppers – £8.00

The stuffing of minced meat, spiced exactly as in the recipe of sarmale: with salt, pepper and thyme, rice and fresh sauce is absolutely delicious. It we’ll be served with sour cream.

Please leave some room for the dessert! 🙂

This is the diva of the desserts: Bitelicious poale-n brau – £3.00

However, don’t forget about our delicious amandine and savarine.

We also have a large variety of cakes and the unbeatable banana bread. Also, you can choose from our large range of pancakes.

Just step into our Bitelicious Universe and you’ll have a special day 🙂

We are waiting for you in our cosy coffee shop to spend some special time together 🙂



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