I Can’t Believe We Haven’t Thought About It Until Now

Homemade Moussaka, Bitelicious Cardiff style!

This it is one of my favorite main meals. Although this kind of food was borrowed from Greece, it is often found also in the Romanian cuisine. I’m talking about musaca (moussaka). The “musaca” word comes from the Arabic language and means cold meal serving. In Romanian, it came from Greek. The Greek version of this food is in fact the version that was imposed in Romanian gastronomy.

Traditionally, the musaca/moussaka  is prepared from layers of minced meat, alternating with sliced roasted eggplant or potato slices.

Our Musaca/Moussaka

There are many local regional variations for the musaca. Our musaca for this weekend is a potatoes musaca with pork minced meat. The meat is prepared with onion, parsley and other aromatic herbs, all covered with a sauce of eggs, yogurt and tomatoes.  Even though this meal is borrowed, this version with potatoes is so popular in Romania that it is considered to be a traditional dish.

Don’t miss this weekend our Bitelicious musaca/moussaka! 🙂

Don’t forget that you can also choose other Romanian dishes, such as fried chicken with polenta and garlic sauce (pui la ceaun cu mamaliguta si mujdei) or fried pancakes with pork or with chicken and mushrooms (brasovence). For dessert, you can choose our Bitelicious papanasi, or you can choose from our large range of pancakes.

We are waiting for you in our cosy coffee shop to spend together some quality time 🙂

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