In order to maintain our staff and our clients’ safety, we will be closed from March 12th to April 2nd

We are very saddened to be apart from you for so long, but we want to do everything we can to keep both our cherished customers and our staff safe during this period. Depending on how the situation develops, we reserve the right to extend or shorten the time period mentioned, but we will keep you updated of any changes here and also on our facebook page.

This may seem like a drastic measure at this time, but the spread of the virus is very aggressive, and we believe this preventive measure will be best for both you, our dear clients, and us.


This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy our delicious meals and homemade cakes though!


We are still accepting orders for anything your heart desires, from soups to main courses, cakes and special platters. Just have a look on our website for our options, or give us a call and let us know what you would like and we’ll prepare it for you, whatever the size or type of dish.

Please also let us know when you will pick it up, so we can have it ready for you.

If you have an event, anniversary, office party or celebration, we’ll always be here for you and we’ll make sure you have all the delicious food you need for a perfect day.

You can place your orders at the following numbers: 07856 238 566;   07762305155

We promise we will be back with more Bitelicious food and fun events in April. It’s safe to say we already miss you and can’t wait to have you back in our cosy coffee shop!

Please stay safe, and we’ll see you soon!



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