Transylvanian Delights – Traditional Food

  • Dracula’s Omelette

    • £4.75

    Sausage, ham, cheese, mushrooms, peppers, onion

  • Papanasi (Romanian cheese donuts)

    • £2.50

    Fried and served with crème fraise and jam.
    Cottage cheese, gluten free flour, eggs, rum and vanilla essence, sugar substitute, baking soda

  • Brasovence (fried pancakes)

    • £4.50


    Minced beef, onion and parsley, ham and cheese, spinach and feta cheese

  • Biscuit Cake

    • £0.50 / slice
    • £6 / cake

    Sugar free biscuits, sugar substitute, butter, cocoa powder, milk, rum essence

  • Free desert with any meal (desert of the day)