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Related imageYes, in our kitchen there is a very strong smell of Romanian food, it is smelling of sour cabbage, meat and tomato juice. There is a little bit of smoke, it smells of freshly cooked meat and of herbs. It is the well-known smell, the unmistakable smell of sarmale – stuffed cabbage rolls.

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What are the sarmale – stuffed cabbage rolls?

I have to explain this a little, because we have a lot of Welsh and English customers, who are happy to try and to experience new food, the Romanian food. Thus, sarmale are a traditional Romanian food made from minced pork meat, mixed with rice and aromatic herbs. This meat is wrapped in cabbage leaves, usually sour cabbage leaves. After they are ready, the sarmale are placed in a pot and chopped cabbage, tomato sauce, some smoked pork meat and herbs are added. The most used herbs are dill and thyme. After the sarmale are well boiled, the pot is placed in the oven for a while, until they get a golden colour. The sarmale are served with polenta, sour cream and hot chili pepper.

Even though the Romanians are often cooking sarmale, they are a tradition during the Christmas  and New Year’s Eve season.

Because the outside weather does not let us forget about the winter, I thought a portion of sarmale is the right choice for a main meal 🙂

If you want to try our Bitelicious sarmale, we are waiting for you 🙂

Don’t forget that we also have other Romanian meals, such as fried chicken with polenta and homemade garlic sauce (pui la ceaun), brasovence (fried pancakes with either minced pork meat, either with chicken and mushrooms) served with sour cream or ketchup and, of course, our famous desert, the Bitelicious Papanasi.

We are waiting for you in our cosy coffee shop for a new Romanian experience! 🙂


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