Panetone, Sweet Bread, Sponge Cake or Cozonac and Pasca

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The Easter is almost here! We have a large range of Traditional Easter Sweets. These could be with: chocolate and raisins, chocolate and walnuts, Turkish delight or poppy seeds. Also we have pasca (sweet cheese bread) with sweet cheese and raisins.

  • panetone / cozonac with chocolate and raisins – £12
  • panetone / cozonac with chocolate and walnuts – £12
  • panetone / cozonac with Turkish delight (rahat) – £15
  • panetone / cozonac with poppy seeds (mac) – £12
  • sweet cheese bread / pasca with sweet cheese and raisins – £17

Please make sure you place the orders in time, until:

  • Thursday, 18th of April, for the Catholic Easter
  • Thursday 25th of April for the Orthodox Easter!

Also, remember that you can order any kind of food for your festive days. Just tell us what you prefer and we will adapt our offer according to your wishes for your complete delight!

Don’t forget about our homemade cakes that you can order for any occasion!

We are here for you and for your comfort! 🙂

You can have a Bitelicious Easter at home or we can celebrate together (details here). We are waiting for your decision 🙂

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