Papanasi – Traditional Transylvanian Delight (Cheese Doughnuts)

papanasi - un desert delicios
papanasi - un desert delicios
papanasi – un desert delicios

As you saw in our menu, we have some Transylvanian food. You can find these at Transylvanian Delights – Traditional Food. We were thinking to bring you some of the most delicious and representative dishes from Transylvania and we chose for you: Papanasi, Brasovence (fried pancakes), Dracula’s Omelette  and biscuit Cake (or Biscuit Salami). I want to tell you a few things about all of these dishes in order to stimulate your curiosity and to encourage you to taste these Bitelicios dishes 🙂

Today let’s talk about Papanasi

These are sweet cheese doughnuts, served as desert. They are served hot, with sour cream and jam made of fruits such as strawberries, cherries or sour cherries, blueberries or blackberries. This dessert reminds of Dracula the Vampire and his blood desire. The Papanasi are delicious and you have to taste them at least once in a lifetime. You’ll be enchanted by the mixture of tastes that you will enjoy from the first bite. They’re a mixture of hot and cold, as well as sweet and sour at the same time. It is a divine taste that you can’t find in many food dishes.

When you’ll visit our shop, ask for the Papanasi. We guarantee you that you’l have a Bitelicious experience and you’ll come again for this taste. If it will be your lucky day, it is possible that we’ll have them on promotion or even as free samples. Keep an eye on this site and on our Facebook page and you’ll find more about our promotions. Try not to miss them! 🙂

Here is the recipe for the Papanasi, just to have an idea how are they made. Keep in touch!

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