Prince Charles Is a Descendant of Vlad The Impaler of Transylvania

Charles offered new title as Prince of Transylvania
Charles offered new title as Prince of Transylvania
Prince Charles offered new title as Prince of Transylvania

The link between Transylvania and Bitelicious

Firstly, you’ll probably wonder what is the connection between Vlad The Impaler and Bitelicious. The truth is that our company’s name is Transylvanian Delights and the Coffee Shop is called Bitelicious. Between these 2 names there is a connection too: Bitelicious is composed from the words “bite” and “delicious”. These two put together make up the name “Bitelicious”. Returning to the word “bite”, this makes us think of many things, the most important being, a delicious bite of food or a scary bite of a vampire from Transylvania, Dracula. Actually, for the “bite” part, we were thinking of Vlad The Impaler. We therefore tried to compose a single word made up of a bite of great food, that we hope you’ll enjoy, as well as the Transylvanian land.

Prince Charles and Transylvania

Most of you know that His Royal Highness Prince Charles is a big fan of Transylvania. It is obvious that he is connected to that land, he loves the multitude of medieval villages present here and helps to preserve them.

There are a lot of articles on this subject, but I chose for you, from the Daily Express, the article “Prince of Transylvania: Charles honoured as the kin of Vlad the Impaler” written by Camilla Tominey.

Also, I’d like to point that Price Charles declares in the documentary, called Wild Carpathia, written and presented by Charlie Ottley that… but I’ll let you see for yourselves since it is much more explanatory that I can write here 🙂 Enjoy! 🙂

In the category Stories of Dracula you can find a lot of interesting stories, facts and songs from the Transylvanian land. Stay close and I’ll be back soon with more exciting stories 🙂

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