“Shut Up And Eat!” – A Traditional Moldavian Delicious Meal

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Did you hear about Shut Up and Eat or Bulz? Shut Up and Swallow is a Moldavian version of the famous Transylvanian meal, Bulz.

This speciality is a genius mixture of polenta with cheese, sausages and bacon baked in the oven.

It is served with a fried egg on top and sour cream on the side.

The final combination is Bitelicious and is waiting for you this weekend in our cosy coffee shop 😉

Don’t forget that you can also choose other Romanian dishes, such as fried chicken with polenta and garlic sauce (pui la ceaun cu mamaliguta si mujdei) or fried pancakes with pork or with chicken and mushrooms (brasovence). For dessert, you can choose our Bitelicious papanasi, or you can choose from our large range of pancakes.

Just come and we’ll do all our best to make you feel the Romanian atmosphere 🙂

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