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Moldavian Tochitura
Moldavian Tochitura
Moldavian Tochitura






We are here to try to make you to forget a little that you’re far away from home 🙂

For this weekend we’ll prepare a very tasting menu, some of your favorite recipe:

Meatballs soup (ciorba de perisoare) – £6.00

Besides the fact that this soup is very delicious and rich in flavour, you will definitely appreciate the special taste given by lovage (leustean). The soup will be served with sour cream and hot peppers.

Moldavian Tochitura – £8.00

This traditional Romanian main meal (tochitura moldoveneasca)  is very similar to a stew. It is an amalgam of chopped pieces of different kinds of meat: beef, pork and sausages. All of these are cooked together and each meat leaves its special flavor, resulting in a special stew with a really special taste. The taste is completed by the tomato sauce and the different aromatic herbs.
Tochitura is served with polenta, “mamaliga”, on Romanian, and a fried egg.

Ciulama with chicken and mushrooms (ciulama cu pui si ciuperci) – £6.50

It is a mix of pieces of chicken meat and mushrooms, all covered by a white sauce. There are different styles to make the sauce, some with flour, some with sour cream and some with onion. We’ll keep the secret about how ours is made for the unique Bitelicious taste 🙂 It is served with mamaliguta, (polenta) and, if desired, with hot chili pepper.

Vegetable and beef salad (salata bouef) – £4.00

This weekend at Bitelicious, besides soup and the main meals, we’ll have a delicious and very loved starter which is vegetable and beef salad, a gorgeous salad, very tasty and very appreciate by you.

You can find more about Romanian cuisine here 🙂 or you can look at Bitelicious site and you can find a lot of options for Romania food and our Menu.

In the meantime, don’t forget about the other Romanian specialties: Brasovence, fried chicken leg with polenta and homemade garlic sauce and our Bitelicious Papanasi. Also, we added in our menu, polenta with sour cream, cheese and fried egg. Also don’t forget about our delicious amandine 🙂

We are waiting for you in our cosy coffee shop to spend some special time together and to taste our Bitelicious Romanian food 🙂


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