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Ciorba de burtă (Romanian Tripe Soup) - enjoy it in Cardiff @Bitelicious!











It’s time for this traditional Romanian soup. I don’t want to describe you this soup because I can’t do it better than the Romanian journalist Radu Anton Roman which said about Ciorbă de burtă: “This dish looks like it is made for drunk coachmen but it has the most sophisticated and pretentious mode of preparation in all Romanian cuisine. It’s sour and sweet, hot and velvety, fatty but delicate, eclectic and simple at the same time”.

This weekend we’ll spoil you with a delicious “Ciorba de burta” (tripe soup) – £6.00

As a main meal, you can have:

Meatballs stew (chiftelute marinate) served with polenta (mamaliguta) – £6.50

We have a surprise for you, something totally new in our coffee shop:

Mashed beans or roe of beans, actually fasole batuta, fasole facaluita sau icre de fasole: £3.50

You can find more about Romanian cuisine here 🙂 or you can look at Bitelicious site and you can find a lot of options for Romania food and our Menu.

In the meantime, don’t forget about the other Romanian specialties: Brasovence, fried chicken leg with polenta and homemade garlic sauce and our Bitelicious Papanasi. Also, we added in our menu, polenta with sour cream, cheese and fried egg. Also don’t forget about our delicious amandine 🙂

We are waiting for you in our cosy coffee shop to spend some special time together and to taste our Bitelicious Romanian food 🙂



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