This Weekend a Delicious Moldavian Specialty

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We were thinking to alternate different food specialties from different zones of Romania. So, after Cabbage à la Cluj, a Transylvanian Delighting Treat, is the turn of Moldavia with its delicious Rădăuţeană Soup, in Romanian, ciorba rădăuţeană

Actually this is not quite a soup, it is a main meal, because the soup is very consistent, it is not as fluid as a regular soup. The Rădăuţeană soup is full of chicken meat, some vegetables and the final taste is given by the sour cream and egg yolks. Also, the garlic and the vinegar should not be forgotten, but these are optional, based on preference.

For our Rădăuţeană soup we followed the original recipe step by step and we think that the result is Bitelicious! 🙂 We hope that this will be your opinion as well 🙂

This weekend we are waiting for you with a good portion of Rădăuţeană soup with garlic and sour cream and of course some parsley, hot chili and a baguette! 🙂

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