This Weekend We’ll Remind You About Your Grandma

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We were thinking all the week what can we do special for you and it was very hard to choose. There are two winners  🙂

Beef soup with vegetables (ciorba de vacuta)

You’ll ask yourselves what is so special about a beef soup? It is special not only because it has plenty of vegetables and, of course, in beef meat, but also because it is soured with sour cabbage juice (zeama de varza). It reminded me about my grandma, who had this solution during the cold winters. The taste is special and irreplaceable 🙂 It is served with sour cream, parsley and hot pepper.

Rice pudding (orez cu lapte)

This is the taste of childhood for many of us. I still remember the smell of it and even now I can see the smile on my grandma’s face 🙂 I’m sure that many of you have such sweet memories 🙂 It’s served with cinnamon or with jam.

For the main meal you can choose brasovence with minced pork meat/chicken and mushrooms or fried chicken with polenta and garlic sauce. Also, you can choose any other dessert, which could be either our Bitelicious papanasi either one of the pancakes from our large range 🙂

We are waiting for you to remember together about our childhood and to spend together some nice moments 🙂

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