Transylvanian Surprise and Bitelicious delights

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Dracula surprise
Transylvanian surprise

Transylvania Surprise! Do you Know what I’m talking about? Keep your childhood in your heart! Is the most pure and good feeling. Our Coffee Shop concept bring you joyful and delights. Because is Monday, I wish you a wonderful week  and don’t forget to keep an eye on our website because the big opening day is very close and we’ll have a lot of surprises for you 🙂

Because we are talking about surprises and childhood, I let you here a very nice and joyful video, Transylvanian Surprise Song. I love it! Also you have the lyrics below. Enjoy! 🙂

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Transylvanian Surprise Lyrics

You want to make sure your friends have fun
Fill up your closet with big, black, spooky bats
You shut the door and then one by one
Your guest go to hang their hats

They a surprise
A Transylvanian surprise (2x)

Or pull the the classic piñata trick
Stuff it with spiders or creepy crawly things
Blindfold your friends, give them each a stick
And then when the last one swings

They get a surprise
A Transylvanian surprise (2x)

So you want to show your friends that you love them to bits
Well you gotta spook them out of their wits

With a surprise
A Transylvanian surprise (2x)

Don’t forget to stay connect with us for more information and Bitelicious surprises! 🙂 

Also, on this website, you can see our menu,find some things about us, read some funny stories about Dracula or find some useful recipes and other interesting things at the category “Useful stuff”. See you soon! 🙂

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