Very Important People Visited Us This Sunday

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I was thinking if just to post some pictures on Facebook or to write about this wonderful day at Bitelicious. I’m writing because their visit was a great honor for us, in our small and friendly coffee shop.

Diana Stroia-Matthews and Dave Matthews

Diana is the honorific consul of Romania in Wales. I met her for the first time at our official opening. A great and extraordinary person. She is more than totally dedicated to the Romanian community, she is involved 100% in humanity projects and in everything that Romania and Romanians mean in Wales.

Dave loves Papanasi and this means a lot for me 🙂 He also likes the Romanian traditions, he learned the Romanian language and he is a very nice and generous person. The day I met him was one of my lucky days. I really appreciate him for all his implication in Diana’s projects

George Enescu and Marco Dulca

I can’t believe even today that these two came to our small coffee shop and enjoyed our food.

George is a very known and appreciated businessman in Cardiff. I heard about him and about his prosperous businesses. A lot of Romanian people were or are working for him and everybody is talking with a lot of respect about him.

Marco is a very nice young football player. He’s playing for the Swansea City Football Club. He’s a very well-known name in Romania and he’s a well-known Romanian in Wales. After a leg surgery, he came to Bitelicious and made our day one of the best since we’re open.

It is true that all of them came in order to taste our Cabbage à la Cluj, but in the meantime, it is true that it was a great honor and pleasure for us to serve so nice and notorious people.

Thank you all for your visit! 🙂

Thank you, all of our dearest customers and friends, that you make all of these happen! 🙂

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