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We believe that what we’ll cook for you this weekend are your favorite meals. Most of you often ask about meatballs soup, so here it is! We also made, not so long ago, baked peppers stuffed with minced meat and they were a real success, so we decided to make them again. The second dish we’ll prepare this weekend is simple, yet delicious, and, for most of us, is a reminder of our childhood days: Smoked bacon and potatoes stew, to which we added Romanian sausages for a complete delight 🙂

Menu for the 13th – 15th of December

Meatballs soup (ciorba de perisoare) – £6.50

Not only this soup is very delicious and rich in flavour, you will most definitely appreciate the special taste given by lovage (leustean). The soup will be served with sour cream and hot peppers.

Baked peppers stuffed with minced meat (ardei umpluti) – £8.00

The stuffing of minced meat, spiced exactly as in the recipe of sarmale, with salt, pepper and thyme, to which we added rice and fresh tomato sauce, is absolutely delicious.

Smoked bacon and potatoes stew with Romanian sausages (Mancarica de cartofi cu afumatura) – £8.00


Also, you can find more about Romanian cuisine here 🙂 or you can look at the Bitelicious website, where you can find lots of options for Romanian food, as well as our Menu.

Meanwhile, don’t forget about our other Romanian specialties: Brasovence, fried chicken leg with polenta and homemade garlic sauce. Also, we added to our menu, polenta with sour cream, cheese and fried egg, as well as Romanian sausages with chips.

Please leave some room for the dessert! 🙂

We have a large variety of cakes and the unbeatable banana bread. Also, you can choose from our large range of pancakes. Please remember that we also have fresh papanasi (cheese donuts) if you desire 🙂

We’ll have all of Romania’s favourite desserts: amandine, savarine and Diplomat cake and of course our consecrated biscuit salami (salam de biscuiti).

papanasi - un desert delicios

Just step into our Bitelicious Universe and you’ll have a special day 🙂

We are waiting for you in our cosy coffee shop to spend some special time together 🙂

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