We’d Like to Celebrate Easter Together!

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You already know that we love you a lot and we’ll be happy to celebrate Easter together. We are ready to work on the Easter day and we are waiting for you with a festive menu. You can choose from different dishes and we really hope that our offers will fully satisfy your culinary requirements. 🙂

Easter Bitelicious Menu 2019 – £25.00

  • Starters: 2 red boiled eggs, bouef salad, dobos with ham and cheese, paprika cheese on cucumber, peppers stuffed with dill cheese, fat Romanian bacon, green onion and radishes
  • Soups: You can choose between lamb soup or chicken à la Greek soup
  • Main courses: You can choose between roasted lamb or roasted pork served with mashed potatoes and cabbage salad
  • Desserts: Panetone / cozonac and sweet cheese bread / pasca

On the house: Unlimited coffee and tea and a glass of wine or maybe more. 🙂

It will be a Bitelicious Easter!!!

Please make the reservation until Thursday, 24 of April!

Unfortunately, the Arcade is closed on 21st of April and we can’t afford this offer for the Catholic Easter. Thank you for your understanding!

Also, remember that you can order any kind of food for your festive days. Just tell us what you prefer and we will adapt our offer according to your wishes for your complete delight!

Don’t forget about our homemade cakes that you can order for any occasion! Also you can order any panetone / cozonac and sweet cheese bread / pasca.

We are here for you and for your comfort! 🙂

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