What kind of alcohol can you drink when you are on a diet?

alcohol for the diet
alcohol for the diet
alcohol for the diet

The alcohol is not good on a diet, it doesn’t help you, it causes hungry. But not to drink anything is very difficult nowadays (there are always occasions to have a drink with friends, partners,etc) and, probably, it’s not your desire to give up on the pleasure of drinking a glass of good wine after work or in weekends.

But if you are on a diet, it matters what kind of alcohol you choose to drink and the quantity if alcohol.

Let’s see a list of the approximate number of calories for the customery serving sizes of alcohol, not those recommended as “standard” amounts (and, to be serious, there is no person who takes care of this “standard” amount). I’ve made some calculations for you and this is what I’ ve got:

  • Beer, can or mug – 500 ml   ~195 kcal
  • Irish Cream, Whisky Cream – 50ml    ~164 kcal
  • Irish Cream, Whisky Cream – 100ml    ~328 kcal
  • Vodka, 50ml    ~108 kcal
  • Vodka, 100ml    ~216 kcal
  • Whisky, 50ml    ~111 kcal
  • Whisky, 100ml    ~222 kcal
  • Cognac, brandy – 50ml    ~112 kcal
  • Cognac, brandy – 100ml    ~224 kcal
  • Gyn 40%, 50ml    ~110 kcal
  • Gyn 40%, 100ml    ~220 kcal
  • Red wine, sparkling red wine – 125ml    ~107 kcal
  • Red wine, sparkling red wine – 200ml    ~171 kcal
  • Wine rose, sparkling rose wine – 125ml    ~89 kcal
  • Wine rose, sparkling rose wine – 200ml    ~142 kcal
  • Prosecco, 125ml    ~88 kcal
  • Prosecco, 200ml    ~141 kcal
  • White wine, sparkling white wine – 125ml    ~85 kcal
  • White wine, sparkling white wine – 200ml    ~136 kcal
  • Sherry, vermouth – 50ml    ~68 kcal
  • Sherry, vermouth – 100ml  ~136 kcal

As you’ve already noticed the winners are the white wines, vermouth and sherry.

If you are on a diet, it matters also what alcohol combinations you choose.

Tonic gin for diet

It‘s not the same thing to drink 50 ml of tonic gin (110 kcal) combined with 200 ml of tonic water (100 calories) with using tonic water with sweeteners (there are supermarkets where you can find  tonic water with different flavors). And if you add only a little quantity of gin, it decreases more the number of calories and this is called as you have allowed yourself to drink a glass or two of tonic gin although you are on a diet.


Wine with sparkling mineral water, this is spritzer. Probably you have seen many persons turning up their noses hearing the idea of adding sparkling mineral water on wine but your diet is not their business. You’ll drink a small quantity of wine and you will add sparkling mineral water in order to maintain your diet. Who wins?

Cocktails with orange juice

You can do so many combinations with the orange juice! Of course it’s true that the natural juice, even the unsweetened one, has more calories than the carbohydrate juices with orange flavor and sweeteners. So you have the possibility of decreasing the number of calories making a compromise and buying a product that is not natural but it doesn’t fat you. And this is your objective,isn’t it?

Light Sangria

Red wine and sweetened orange juice. Winner!

Light Screwdriver

As above, juice with orange flavor and no calories is the secret. And 50 ml of vodka too.

Light Mimosa

Demi sec sparkling wine and orange juice with sweeteners.

Dizzy combinations:

Slim Orange Blossom

The original recipe is with equal quantities of vermouth, gin and orange juice, but you can use 200 ml of orange juice, 25 ml of vermouth, 25 ml of gin and you will have the exact quantity of alcohol necessary to maintain your diet.

Fake Bellini

Normally, you need peaches and peach nectar for this drink. But you can use a peach from compote, put it in a blender with sparkling mineral water, sweetener (stevia if you want a natural sweetener) and 70-75 ml sweet sparkling. For a dramatic effect put a slice or two of peach inside.

Fake Kir Royal

Kir Royale, a delicious cocktail with frozen forest fruits, champaigne and cranberry liqueur, but if we want to avoid more than half of the calories from the liqueur, we can use juice with cranberry flavor and sweeteners. A wonderful and dietetic taste.

Now you can do your own recipes. Forget the beer, it has many calories and, above that, you can see it immediately when you weigh because it causes the retain of water in tissues – practically it causes fattening and your stomach swells up. You better choose a shot than a beer anytime!

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Good luck on what you are doing! 🙂

Soon you’ll find more on our recipes section. Stay close to us! 🙂

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