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I like food

We’re writing this because we want to inform you of what can you find here and how you can help us improve so that all of us have maximum benefits 🙂

I like food
I like food

So, here you can discover either nice, either horror stories about Dracula, as well as a lot of recipes for healthy food or delicious sweets (most of them with no sugar added). There will be a variety of recipes, some of them can be found in our menu and others could be added in the menu in the future. A lot of healthy recipes, just for your information, will also be posted.

We will write here for you some information provided by doctors or by specialized publications, regarding healthy food, how and why to adopt a healthy lifestyle and all the benefits it brings. We’ll try to show you that healthy food is in no way tasteless and boring, but that it is delicious and that it is not only represented by salads and boiled, tasteless food. We’ll convince you that healthy food is BITELICIOS!

Besides, we’ll write here for you some very useful tips and advice for the kitchen, some jokes and funny stories from the kitchen, as well as songs that match the topics covered in these pages.

We hope that you’ll enjoy all these and we’ll become friends.

Here you can ask questions and we’ll try to answer them as soon as possible. If you have some interesting articles or stories regarding our current subjects you can send it to us and we’ll be glad to publish them for you. Also, it would be very helpful that, if you have some healthy recipes, you share them with us.

Moreover, we want to point out the fact that you’ll make us very happy if you’ll find the posts so useful that you’ll be willing to share them with your friends and families. Also, every like from you will bring us a lot of hope that we’re doing this the right way and we will be grateful that you are participating, which will of course bring you some prizes or discounts in the store. Moreover, please don’t forget about our Facebook and that soon you’ll be able to check out the category stories of Dracula, which we’re sure that you’ll enjoy.

We’re very thankful that you’re reading these pages and that you’re helping us do this in a proper way.

Let’s do this together and try to have fun and keep ourselves healthy. Eating healthy can be fun and we can do it together!

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